How to apply at Peerless Training Institute? An Admission Guide

Admission Standards

Before reading the Admission Guide, check out the Individual criteria for a program of study that must be met. An interview with a PTI representative and a review of all required admission material must be complete prior to consideration of acceptance into a PTI International program. 

Confirmation of equivalencies may be necessary prior to admission. This can be completed by using the World Education Services (WES) or the International Qualifications Assessment Services (IQAS). 

Applicants who will be considered on the basis of their high school credentials must have good standing in a minimum of five subjects in their final year (grade 12 or 13) of senior secondary school. Have appropriate high school documents and all credentials. All credentials need to meet approval by WES. 

Appeal Process

 A. Accommodations not related to a disability: Students who disagree with the accommodations provided should contact The Director/Admission services/designate to request a review of the decision. 

B. Disability-related accommodations: PTI encourages all parties to make every effort to resolve a situation informally. Students who disagree with the accommodations approved for them, or with the manner in which the accommodations are carried out, are encouraged to discuss their concerns with PTI Director. The Director/Admission services will review the concerns with the appropriate Instructor(s) and Program Coordinator. 

If after that discussion the student still feels the situation is unresolved, the student has the right to appeal to the Director asking to review the situation. The Director will review the student’s appeal, gather relevant information from any other source, and make a ruling. 

Academic Standards

A student’s final standing in a course will be determined by achievement throughout the term or level, taking into account evaluation measures such as tests and examinations, laboratory work, essays, reports and projects, and clinical and practicum experience where applicable.

Evaluation methods will be included with course outlines students receive at the beginning of each course. Students unable to meet established deadlines are responsible for making alternative arrangements with their Instructors prior to the deadline.

Changes to deadlines will be granted at the discretion of the Instructor. Subject to the above, assignments submitted after established deadlines will receive a reduced or failing grade. In some courses, students may be wholly or partially evaluated by individuals not in the employ of the college, e.g. work practicum courses and business project course(s).

In such instances, a member of the college staff will work with such non-college individuals, and take ultimate responsibility for recording and reporting grades, and responding to any questions raised with respect to these grades. The Program Coordinator and Director must approve all extensions to program completion time.

Grading System – The Grading System applies to all courses offered. The level of a student’s achievement in each course of a program will be denoted by a percentage.

Admissions Resources

Download the resources below to get further information on admissions and student life.

Academic Probation Levels


Level 01

Oral and Written Reprimand


Level 02



Level 03

 The student will be notified of the terms of the suspension writing: Suspension 


Level 04

1- Expulsions will be implemented by the Director, with documentation. 

2- Expulsions will be recorded in the student’s file. 

3- No refund of fees will be made for the term in which the student is currently enrolled.

Admission Guide - The Application Process


Fill in the Online Form

Or call us 403 230 2665

Choose the form which applies to you, for International Students please select the International student form and Canadian students should choose the Canadian students form.


PTI will respond

Visit our campus

We will book a free consultation at our institute to meet our counselor and financial advisor to review your requirements and see if you are eligible for financial assistance.



Complete the documentation

Required to apply for the loan/grant
  1. Pre required certificates (If any)
  2. Notice of assessment (Previous Year’s Income Tax)
  3. SIN Number and other related documents.

Gather Necessary Documents

Provide the relevant official transcripts and diplomas /degrees and upload them along with the application forms. 


Interviewing Process

Upon receiving the correct and completed application, successful candidates will be contacted and an interview will be set up.


Admission Completion

Once the completed application is received and the interview has been conducted, the application process will be completed.

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