Peerless Institute administration understands the fact that a little financial aid can go a long way for students. We are dedicated to offering Student Scholarships, other awards, and financial aid to our students. Do not let a lack of funding hold you back from pursuing your academic goals. Our financial aid team is here to help you through every step of the financial assistance process. You might be eligible for funding you never knew existed!

Student Scholarships Awards 2022

Enroll before September 30th, 2022 and receive a cash reward for the following amount of $4,000.

Student Lines of Credit

Student Lines of Credit are available to full-time and part-time students who require assistance financing their studies. Student Lines of Credit are different from traditional loans as they allow you to borrow money as per your need with interest being charged only on the amount used. Most major banking institutions offer student lines of credit. Eligibility criteria (e.g. credit rating, net worth, etc.), the amount loaned, and the interest rate will vary from institution to institution.

Government Student Loans

The Government of Alberta has funded a plan to provide loans to qualified full-time students. Although the type and amount of assistance usually vary based on individual circumstances, government student loans make sure every qualified student receives financial aid for his/her education. If you choose to pay for your education through student loans, it is our policy to apply all loan payments toward the tuition balance until these costs are paid. See our List of Programs Offered by private career college.


Students Aid Alberta

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Check out Student Aid Alberta for all the information you need! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does career college cost?

Tuition prices vary widely between colleges in Calgary, and will also vary depending on the type and length of the program. Peerless Institute is among the most competitively priced private colleges in Calgary. To learn more about tuition costs and the help available for students to cover the cost, contact an admissions advisor.

Is College free in Canada?

College is not entirely free in Canada, though many students qualify for government aid, grants, and/or funding to attend post-secondary schools. These resources are typically made available when applying for a government student loan.

Peerless Training Institute assists students with their student loan applications and also offers periodic promotions and student scholarships. For details on our current promotions and assistance with the loan and scholarship applications, contact our admissions team.

What are the job prospects in Calgary with a college diploma and do you actually get students employed after graduation?

We believe in education that gets you hired, and we make it our mission to help each and every student succeed in their career. We have full-time dedicated career counselors and offer employment preparation courses within each program to ensure our students are equipped to get a job. We have established relationships with top employers in the industry, and work hard to help secure job placements for our students. In some cases, we even hire our own graduates. We also offer various employment resources, such as networking events, career fairs, job boards, and more.

All Peerless Training alumni have access to our career counseling resources for life, plus we offer program upgrading to ensure your education stays up to date and relevant within your field.

Job prospects for those in Calgary with a college diploma are strong according to a labor market survey done by Statistics Canada in 2019. Those with a college diploma had a 70 percent employment rate when compared to 32 percent for those without any education. Alberta’s labor market is also forecasted to have a shortage of around 7,200 workers by 2023, which means numerous job opportunities for graduates.

Are your programs fully online or do I have to physically attend the college classes?

Some of our programs can be completed online, while others require students to attend our Calgary campus for labs and demonstrations due to the nature of the course content. These include several of our healthcare programs. Contact an admissions advisor for more information on the program(s) you are interested in.

What is the difference between career college and university?

A career college is a post-secondary institution that offers specialized education required to enter a specific field of work. This is different from university degrees, which offer a broad base of knowledge and require students to commit to a full four years of education before entering the workforce. Career college education provides a more specialized, career-focused training program that can be completed in a matter of months — typically less than one year.

This also means students will usually pay much less in overall tuition at a career college, making their educational investment more worthwhile. With a strong focus on career-specific requirements and practicums, career colleges like Peerless Training Institute can help bring you closer to your dream job more quickly. 

What is the best college in Calgary for international students and what are the benefits of studying at a college in Calgary?

We are committed to supporting international students’ pursuit of higher education. We are proud to have a multicultural campus that provides excellent educational value to students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Canada, in particular, is a country that has always welcomed people of different cultures and ethnicities. Calgary is also one of the best places to settle for newcomers as the city has one of the lowest tax rates and one of the highest employment rates in the country. 

What are the start dates for your programs and what are your semesters like?

At Peerless Training Institute, you don’t have to wait for your semester to start. Unlike other colleges and universities that only have a few intakes per year, we practice a rolling intake process that allows applicants to become students and start their career training as quickly as possible. Many of our programs admit students on a monthly basis. For specific intake dates, check out each program page.

What is a post-secondary diploma?

A post-secondary diploma refers to education pursued at the college level, after completing high school. This is different from a bachelor’s degree, and usually can be achieved within one or two years of studying. We offer a variety of diploma courses in business, healthcare, and technology. Our post-secondary college programs are specifically designed to provide thorough training, education, and work experience to meet employer demand so you can enter the job market as soon as possible after graduation.

How many courses do you take at career college and can I still work as I attend school?

Typically students at a career college will take one course at a time, but in some cases, there maybe two. Our programs offer flexibility with class schedule, depending on your diploma of study, including your choice of morning, evening, and weekend classes.

Many of our courses are also offered in an online or blended learning option, allowing you to attend your lectures from home at your convenience, any time of day or night. Students, including international students, have the freedom to work up to 20 hours per week, and can sometimes even work full-time during breaks and holidays.

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